Joper - João Rodrigues Pereira, SA
Rua Juiz Margarido Pacheco, 165 4410-310 Porto São Caetano - Canelas , Portugal
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João Rodrigues Pereira
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About us

JOPER was established in 1962 by João Rodrigues Pereira that is still the President of the company.

In 1990 João Paulo Pinheiro, his grandson, joined JOPER and now is the CEO from JOPER and participates in the various sectors of the company, especially in the development and research of new equipment, projects, technical consulting and international partnerships.

Joao Paulo Pinheiro’s son, Joao Pinheiro, has joined Joper this year to continue his great grandfather and his father’s work.

Nowadays JOPER is present in more than 45 countries, and has distributors in France, Germany, United States, Canada, Central America, Asia and Africa.

Since its foundation that our objectives have been developing and producing equipment for the coffee and food industry.

About Us

We build our roasters with originality

Originality is not only for those who created or invented something is also for who made the improvements. JOPER roasters are proudly handcrafted in Portugal by master craftsmen, out of traditional high quality durable materials such as cast iron and carbon steel.
The result of nearly 60 years of experience, and continuous improvement, JOPER roasters combine these time tested traditional, highly durable materials with the best industrial quality modern burners, motors, fans, and controls to produce an easy to use, flexible, quiet, low maintenance, energy efficient roaster capable of running 24 hours per day.

Cast iron is the material of choice of expert roasters manufacturers because it is extremely strong and durable. Cast iron has thermal inertia and exceptional radiation capacity consequently retains the heat. As a result the heat is more evenly and lasts longer than in any other material used in the manufacture of roasters. Some of the properties of cast iron make it the ideal material to use in coffee roasters, its relatively low melting point, good fluidity castability, excellent machinability, resistance to deformation and wear resistance. It is resistant to destruction and weakening by oxidation are prefect to build a strong, robust and durable roasters.

In a world where specialty coffees are roasted, it is even more important to roast it in the best roasters. The master roaster should not risk his valuable product in meagre quality roasters that could compromise the quality of their coffee. However, the trend is to use more and more quality roasters manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing techniques by expert craftsmen in handling industrial cast iron and carbon steel that, together with the best equipment accessories, systems and engineering design result in the most durable and efficient roaster in the market.