Warranty / support

All equipment produced by JOPER has a mechanic manufacture warranty for 2 years, however in some special cases the warranty be extended for another year.

MECHANICAL PARTS: Two years against manufacturing defects.

ELECTRICAL PARTS: According to the warranty provided by the specific manufacturer.
Any change made during or after the installation of the roaster or other equipment acquired at JOPER may void the warranty

All the machines have CE certification, in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Regarding our technical assistance, JOPER has at your disposal a team of skilled professionals (engineers, mechanics and electricians) ready to assist and repair of your equipment.
We know that efficiency and speed are two essential values so JOPER gives you the required attention and the most appropriate solution, including maintenance by remote access to equipment automation software, we can still make the diagnostic by monitoring the control systems to detect small problems before they become serious problems (e.g. excessive efficiency of an engine caused by a worn bearing).
In Portugal JOPER has technicians that provide a fast and efficient service, abroad we have some local partnerships with specialized companies in the sector to solve small problems. For international assistance where JOPER technical intervention is required, our technicians are always ready to meet and solve your problem anywhere in the world within 48 to 72 hours.

Periodic maintenance service:
According to the installation JOPER makes periodic maintenance in their equipment, to avoid possible damage and shutdown of the installation.

Helpdesk via Modem:
Nowadays with remote assistance some problems can be solved remotely. With the new technologies the impossible becomes reality.

The new software system that JOPER installs in their equipment enables the connection via modem from our assistance to our customer, consequently solving any problems in machine controls, so that there is no need to shutdown the production.
With this technology the customer is quickly and efficiently satisfied. This proves the quality and safety of our services and our equipment.

Our customer service is open 24 hours a day.

Request for assistance: services@joper.pt