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This 60 kg roaster has the old control system. JOPER has a new, updated and improved control system - BRIGUS.

What do our clients say about JOPER Roasters? What do our clients do to buy a JOPER Roaster?

Please check this video that Vello Coffee Roaster made to raise money to buy a 15 kg JOPER roaster (BPR)


¿What could possibly be better than the testimony of a user of a particular product? The testimony of many.
Those who dare to express their version use their experience which for them is worth mentioning.
It honors us to present some of our customers and friends opinions about their Joper experience.

CRS 30 in Alaska Coffee Roastery
"In regards to a new CRS 30 Joper: This past week I had the pleasure of working and learning from 2 Joper
representatives - Mr. Joao Paulo and Mr Augusto Castilho. They worked very well with us showing and training us all the featuresof this roaster - this is my 8th roaster, it is the most incredible machine I have ever witnessed or roasted on.
I encourage anyone whom is considering a new Roaster to really look at this Joper Roaster. Come and see us or call me - You have to see this machine in production  to fully understand its features  - especially the profile system." Ronald Maclure


“...I live in Honduras. Last year I purchased a Joper 60 kilos machine from them which we use here in Honduras.
It’s a very good machine with much capacity and good quality. Before we had a smaller Probat but we really feel that the Joper is inclusive better in construction than the Probat.
The machine is really wonderful.”
Sample roaster with 1 drum
Sample roaster with 1 drum
“...Sorry for not writing before, I am fascinated with the machine and I believe that soon I am writing to you in order to buy a 50 Lbs. machine and another roaster like mine… Alex”
CRS 60Storage silos

Brooklyn, NY
Joper Plant with 2 roasters CRS 60

“Hey Jason, I went to visit the roaster stone street coffee, to check the roasting abilities and question challenges strenght and weaknesses.
That is the best plant I have EVER seen , the Jopers are totally amazing and the software that comes with them is STATE OF the Art!!!!!
Super precise and follows exactly the setting once they are put in.
You can roast 60 kg or 70 between 11 and 15 min. Big cooling trays The flame is not direct on the rotating chamber which creates softer heat and rounder taste. The "finish" is excellent even less than average green coffees, get to taste pretty nice despite the green, very forgiving.
I like it a LOT more than other roasters in fact , the software is so much better and more precise.
Then you have a destoner right after and a whole system of silos that you can add and also monitors by a general board. On witch you can imput blends recipe ....
The grinder is placed on top of other silos that are closed for degazing without loosing the freshness much.
All the coffee moves with air so there is a compressor (German brand ) that is there to ensure the movement of the beans.
I m totally impressed.
Also between a 60 kg and a 120 or even 240 they are recommending having 260 kg.
The air cooling is much better, you can limit problems, because you always have the possibility to open the door manually for the beans to cool in the cooling tray.
Oh, and it operates very well in high moisture high heat, the Agtron on auto settings are from a roast to an other as close as 0.5 max!!
Consistency ensured.
Cheers, dear!”
Gen / Consulting

“This was my first time of roasting on your Joper machinery - remember this is the only one close to my home and office (1 hour away) as the location is in a very busy part of San Francisco where it is mostly foot traffic. Beautiful location.
What a fantastic running machine. Totally quiet and totally secure in feel . . . really very impressed - and I have seen a lot of roasters through my life in coffee machinery. I am very serious - this was totally smooth and just the most controlled and easy of any roaster I have ever operated. Period !!!
Even the cooling time was amazing in it's speed.
The double drum and the air handling on the Joper is the most gentle of any roaster - totally easy to run one roast after another in total production - so I just wanted to say, THANK YOU . . . for doing great engineering and simple accurate design.
Jay " - San Francisco, USA

“In 2011, Carlini Coffee Company undertook a comprehensive review of the leading coffee roasting plant equipment manufacturers to develop a list of candidates that could provide a roasting solution to meet
our key criteria of high roast quality and flexibility.
The location for our new roasting plant was constrained by physical space, so a key feature was the ability of a new roasting plant to consume a reasonable footprint and offer genuine productivity benefits.
First and foremost, cup quality was paramount. Our reputation of providing some of the best espresso style coffee in what has evolved into the most competitive and highest standard coffee market in the world ‐ Australia ‐ could not be jeopardized by selecting an inferior system.
Despite other roasting plants consuming a slightly smaller footprint, we selected the Joper CRS30 as it exceeded all of the quality metrics we had established.
Additionally, we were constantly astounded by the prompt service when requesting customizations or solutions to our unique requirements. Late nights, weekends, etc. we would contact Joper in Portugal and receive answers extremely quickly ‐ sometimes in a matter of minutes or hours. This level of professional attention and excellent customer service developed our confidence levels in Joper's ability to deliver upon their commitments.”
Carlini - Australia

“Hello Felix
Nice to hear from you. I remember you from the shows.
Kaffitár has been using Joper 120 kg roaster for 8 years. It has been very reliable
and we like the way our coffee tastes from it. That is important.”
Addý - Iceland

We built a semi-automatic, Turbo-charged, Micro-Plant! Right here in Brooklyn, the cool part, Gowanus! Our state-of-the-art, custom made system is a unique combination of old-world craftsmanship coupled with world-class automation. Our one bag roasters are the perfect size. Small enough not to have to water quench (the unacceptable practice of using water to quicken the cooling process after roasting) and large enough to crank out some serious volume.
Our roasters feature computer controlled 5-stage roast profiling. This means recipes are saved for each coffee and the computer assists the Roast-master in nailing the exact roast every time! The trick is not how much coffee you can roast, but rather what to do with it when it comes out of two roasters, 250lb. every 12 minutes!
We use a series of cable transports that makes this plant a cross between Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and
some crazy Rube Goldberg project. We use Destoners to remove the stones, rare earth magnets collect any
ferrous material and dust collectors clean the green coffees. We do this right!
The Fire makes the coffee come alive, this is where we get to influence the beans. We take over from all of the goodness that the Earth provided & now it’s in our hands! Without Fire, there is no coffee! How to apply the fire? How much Fire to apply? How long do we apply the Fire for?
These are all serious questions when roasting coffee. Especially when you roast a lot of different coffees in small batches. Its kind of a mix between a science & raw seat of your pants gut instinct. Fire needs to be controlled. It needs to be controlled in different ways for different coffees. This discipline requires a knowledge based on experience. We are roasting on big-as-shit burners controlled by smart-as-shit computers. Our Roast-Masters orchestrate this whole symphony of raw product in – - – fresh roasted product out with ease and style. They control the Fire.
The Fire is good!
The trick is to get the coffee to roast itself. When it begins to roast with it’s own internal heat you need less Fire.
We find that a slow & steady approach to roasting, produces a mellow, more aromatic & flavorful brew. The art of roasting is a delicate balance between the Fire and the origin. Too much Fire and you can’t taste the coffee’s origin. Not enough Fire and the coffee tastes under-cooked. Its between these two brackets that “Personal Taste Preference” takes over. It’s not about trends or what your supposed to like. We roast coffee that everybody likes!
Brooklyn, NY, USA