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JOPER´s line of industrial coffee roasters, CRM, CRS and CRA are designed for heavy duty operation and offered in manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic system. Designed to last a life time, the CR series is manufactured in cast iron, engineered and built to exacting specifications. JOPER CR roasters are legendary for their indirect air flow roasting system, superb and fast cooling, efficient oven, use of high quality high efficiency modulation burners, dual wall drum with cast iron framing, direct drive motors, multiple thermocouples, energy efficiency, easy operation, low maintenance cost, and also for having a dedicated manufacturer´s technical service always at the ready. JOPER offers innovative solutions, leading edge manufacturing technology, skilled craftsmanship and technological leadership to the coffee roasting industry.



The CRA State of the Art full automatic JOPER cast iron coffee roaster will offer your roasting plant the opportunity to be operated in all its phases in an automated way from coffee reception to its final packing station. The newest BRIGUS version, a cutting edge roasting profile system for control, analysis and registering is included in an industrial type computer with 15" TFT screen which will enable you, through live computer animation, follow and control every aspect of your roaster and roasting plant, offering; dialogue and communication panel (man/machine) for the total control of the roaster's functions such as: Pre-heating of the roaster to reduce the time of the first roast in relation to the following roasts, exclusive CRA JOPER roaster system. Start of the roasting cycle. Monitoring of the burner and nominal as well as actual temperatures. Visualization of the “Profile roasting” with 10 steps. Animated visualization of the state of functioning. Recipe management with up to 999 recipes. Memorization of the various roast curves. Monitoring of the burner's potency in % with 10 steps.
Definition of the entry and exit temperature of the coffee with the possibility of change during the roast in real time. The water quantity for pre-cooling. Time of each motor's functioning and removable parts of the machine for maintenance. Roasting time, roast empty time, cooling time, cooler discharge time, de-stoner transport time and green coffee's loader time. Printing of coded alarms. Luminous and acoustic alarms. Connection to the Internet (client/Joper) via Modem for quick technical support.


Joper - Model Joper - Capacity per Batch Joper - Roasting Time Joper - Hourly Output Joper - Voltage Joper - Fuel Type Joper - Brigus
Model Capacity
per Batch
Power supply Fuel
CRA-240 240 Kg  15' - 18'  960 Kg 400 V
50 Hz
3 Phases

230 V
60 Hz
3 Phases





Joper - Check
CRA-60  60 Kg 12' - 18' 240 Kg 
CRA-120 120 Kg 15' - 18' 480 Kg