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JOPER builds a sample roaster that meets the expectations and fills the requirements of respected laboratories regardless if it's a local farm, an international exporter, a coffee importer, or a small, medium or large coffee roaster.

Designed to last and perform its function efficiently, CRG/CRE roasters incorporate the same manufacturing concepts and quality standards with which Joper builds industrial and shop roasters.

Stable, easy to operate, low maintenance, equipped with digital and temperature control and a thermocouple in the roaster cylinder to measure the temperature of the bean mass itself, the result is highest efficiency in sample roasting.

Without a doubt, Joper´s CRG/CRE 100 roasters have become the most demanded European sample roaster for small, medium as well as large companies, cooperatives, associations of producers, exporters/importers, which made Joper their new suppliers for new projects, as well as for substituting old sample roasters.

JOPER´s sample roasters are available with 1, 2 or 4 drums and they can run on gas or electricity. With this sample roaster it is possible to roast a small batch of 100 grs of green beans, check and verify the quality of the roasted coffee and use it as a pattern for large scale roasting.

JOPER roasters are unique and exceptional!!! (Regardless of what you may have seen or heard)

Please contact our sales department or agent nearest you for pricing and further information.
Moisture and density analyzer
It analyzes the Moisture and Density. It is suitable for cherry, parchment, green beans and roasted beans.
Its compact form allows you to carry it everywhere you need to measure the moisture and density.
Roasted Coffee Analyzer
The roasted coffee analyser is compact and mobile, it analyses whole bean and ground coffee.
CRG E 100 1 drum
CRG E 100 2 drums
CRG E 100 4 drums